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What is a
Community Foundation?

Since starting our Foundation in January of 2007, I have answered the question at least once a day of what, really, does a community foundation do and what will it do here? The answer, simply put, is we build a better place.

Our region is blessed with fundamental qualities that are easy to take for granted. From good schools and safe streets to nature’s abundance in green trees and fresh water, we enjoy a quality of life that many communities could merely dream of, yet we live it every day. Our Foundation treasures those qualities and works with others to maintain that which we love.

We thrive because our donors and annual supporters recognize the gifts they have been given and choose to have an impact with the gifts they give. Through their vision and generosity, we have granted over $3.4 million to nonprofit organizations serving our region and provided over $800,000 for smarter, sustainable planning to protect our sense of place. We are young, but we are strong. We take our role to elevate the conversation of philanthropy in our region seriously and we are succeeding. Through stakeholders like you, we will continue that success and amass an even greater army of good.

Many thanks to our founding Board of Directors for their support, leadership and dedication. Many thanks to you too, the partners who have joined us in our philanthropic journey. Your commitment is our inspiration.

Susan Bonnett, President & CEO