Posted: August 13, 2016

More Raining, More Flooding, More Heartbreak


This is breaking our hearts. We cannot believe it happened again ... and to some of the same areas that were hit the hardest just a few moths ago. What can YOU do to help the folks that have been affected by this crazy flooding?


Stay Informed

The St. Tammany Parish Government is tirelessly staying on top of most of the local issues ... to find out the latest

The Tangipahoa Parish Government is updating everyone as quickly as they can ... to find out more in that area


Volunteers Needed

There are oodles of organizations that could use your help. Access social media to find any manner of ways to give. If you want to volunteer to help victims of the flooding, call the Red Cross at 855-489-2528 or sign up at


Donate to the Weather Relief Fund

You can donate HERE and all of the monies raised will be given directly to those areas most affected. The Northshore Community Foundation has granted nearly $100,000 to relieve those hardest hit by the flooding this year alone, and we are not done.