Posted: August 16, 2016

Employee Assistance Funds


The Northshore Community Foundation is providing assistance across South Louisiana wherever it can. Our history and affiliation with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF) shows that we get money quickly to where it’s needed the most. The Foundation works directly with nonprofits that are responding to the flood and with sheltering organizations. To that end, we would like to facilitate a new type of fund, Employee Assistance Funds, which will enable employers to directly help their employees who are suffering hardships due to weather-related issues.


Employee Assistance Funds allow companies to set up a charitable fund to assist their employees. Donations are tax deductible and grants from the fund are tax free to employees. Anyone can donate to the employee assistance fund, including employees helping employees and vendors that want to make a contribution. Donations can be made online and employees can apply for assistance through an online form.


Because of our affiliation with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, this fund platform is available to employers in the Northshore region. The NCF will work with BRAF to make sure financial assistance is delivered to your employees in less than a week after they apply.


Visit our Flood Relief page to learn more about this and other ways that we are working to get our region back on our feet.


If you want to open a fund or need more information, please contact either Susan Bonnett Bourgeois at or (985) 893-8757 OR contact Elizabeth Hutchison at or (225) 381-7080.