Posted: September 6, 2016

$300,000 in Flood Relief Grants Awarded


Schools, food banks, shelters, and grassroots rebuilding organizations are among the dozens of groups who have received a share of $300,000 in grants distributed from the Northshore Community Foundation (NCF) since the floods in March and August, 2016.

The Northshore Weather Relief Fund was established days after historic flooding in early March which engulfed Southeast Louisiana. When the August event devastated our region again, the active Fund was a perfect mechanism to accept and disperse donations. Donors—individuals, businesses and organizations from around the country—have contributed more than $515,000 to the NCF to help with flood relief in Louisiana.

Many of the organizations receiving grants provide support for schools, displaced students and faculty. The St. Helena School System received $25,800 for immediate facility work to reopen damaged schools and the Southeastern Louisiana University Foundation received $25,000 for direct assistance to students and staff with flood losses.  

In addition to the Weather Relief Fund, many other funds at the Foundation have followed suit and made grants for flood relief based on their own missions. Some of which have gone to meet needs that can be easily overlooked in a crisis, like providing money to house families with autistic children in over-stimulating shelters. Michael Delahoussaye, leader of the Grants Gift Support Fund immediately deployed his mission-based resources held at the Foundation to serve traumatized families such as these.  

The NCF has worked hand and hand with its partner Foundation in the Capitol Region, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, to coordinate and maximize response efforts.  “We have worked with individual donors, large and small, corporate donors and other Foundations to deploy resources swiftly in the face of great need. This kind of leverage is the power of a community foundation and we are so deeply grateful for our partners in philanthropic work,” said Susan Bonnett Bourgeois, CEO of the Northshore Community Foundation.

The Northshore Community Foundation was created in 2007 with the simple mission to build a better place.  Serving the parishes of St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington and St. Helena, they have granted more than $13 million for the greater good and led on countless civic leadership initiatives to move our region forward in smart, sustainable ways. 

Visit our Flood Relief page to learn more about this and other ways that we are working to get our region back on its feet. 

(Photo by Chris Granger/The Times-Picayune/