Posted: November 15, 2016

Grant's Gift, Daniel and Harley

A Match Made in Heaven

Grant’s Gift Foundation working through the Northshore Community Foundation awarded the Gutierrez family financial assistance to support the cost of training an 8-week-old Golden Retriever to become a service dog for their darling 2.5-year-old son Daniel. Cerebral Palsy and debilitating seizures make life hard on Daniel and his family of four. The pup, Harley, will be trained to identify symptoms of a seizure and communicate this to Daniel’s family. For instance, if Daniel begins to show signs of an oncoming seizure, Harley will alert care givers, provide help with stability for Daniel and she will retrieve objects as needed to provide assistance to the family during the episode.


She is THE sweetest thing and the two of them together will make your heart melt.


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