Posted: June 10, 2015

GiveNorthshore Cards as gifts to YOUR worthy cause (or paws)

As the communications person for the NCF, I was completely in LOVE with this concept: philanthropy giving cards that can be gifted to someone else to support the causes that are near and dear to THEM? Sign me up! I was so inspired that I got my two teenagers each a $50 GiveNorthshore Card and gave it to them for Christmas. I have to say that it was sort of anticlimactic. I expected them to be excited and run straight to the computer to research local nonprofits... I expected debates about who they thought would most benefit from the money... At the very least I expected them to ask me questions about the cards. What I got instead was: Uh, thanks? Meh. So I put the cards in my wallet to be pulled out at a later date when iPhones and Nike's weren't vying for their attention.

This past weekend as we passed the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary and Thrift Store on our way back from his soccer game, my 13-year-old son asked about the cards. I still have them, I say, and both he and his 16-year-old sister shout THAT'S where we want them to go! Now we have been to this place, they call it the Cat Store, at least 20 times to pet the cats, but I have to say that this time was different. The kids didn't flock to the kittens or the adorable cats, but instead to the ones who had been abused, neglected or had been damaged in some way. They asked the lady volunteers questions like, What happened to this guy? and How come he can't turn his head straight? This type of behavior from my kids was new. They are both pretty shy when it comes to strangers, but not that day. I don't know if it was the sense of ownership, or stock, in this little organization or what, but they chatted about other ways to donate and volunteer the whole ride home.

As we left, the kids needed reassurances that "their" money was going to THOSE kitties and not anywhere else. It is, I said. When they handed the cards over to Ms. Sybil, the director, her eyes filled with tears (so then of course so did mine.) You would have thought that she had won the lottery. She could not believe that they had just handed her little nonprofit $100 and my teenagers puffed up with pride. It was really nice and an experience I am not sure we would have had without the cards as a vehicle.

To learn more about GiveNorthshore Cards, go to our Giving cards page HERE.

PS: They both want BIGGER GiveNorthshore Cards for Christmas this year and spent some time researching nonprofits in our area... It's a Christmas Miracle!


I just found this posting on Facebook from my husband. Made my heart smile.