Posted: July 27, 2016

CLECO Rebate-Donate


It's basically just FOUND money, right? This awesome windfall that CLECO has provided to each and every one of its customers in St.Tammany Parish is like getting a nice bonus. Why not use a portion of this little bonus to do something good this August? Something maybe you have been wanting to do but just didn't have the extra cash to pull off? Well now you DO!


Think about it: CLECO has just put $40 million directly into the hands of the people in our parish. If we all took just 10% of that money (about $50) and donated that small portion to the local charity of our choosing, we would be pouring FOUR MILLION DOLLARS into the greater good for our parish alone. Four MILLION dollars. And all from sending $50 to a local organization that you care about anyway, instead of sending it to your electric bill. (and thank you CLECO!)


Just think if we ALL did it what that could do!