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•  Donor Advised Funds and Corporate Advised Funds® – Can be either endowment or spend-down funds; donors recommend grants to the Board for approval. Funds serve as donors’ charitable checkbook whereby the donor makes grant requests and the Foundation Board makes the distribution.

•  Field of Interest Funds – Created to support a particular area of interest, i.e. arts, environment, education. Parameters of giving created when fund is established.

•  Designated Beneficiary Funds – Created at the Foundation to support a specific agency or project.

•  Scholarship Funds – Parameters of giving are determined when the fund is established; IRS regulations mandate that donors’ and their relatives cannot solely decide who receives the scholarship. Donors may sit on a committee to select scholarship recipients as long as they do not have a majority vote.

•  Organizational Funds– Assets of another organization are held and managed by the Foundation. These dollars are reflected as both an asset and a liability of the Foundation, as the organization can “remove” the funds at will.  Organizational Funds exist as a way to serve local nonprofits so that they may concentrate their efforts on programming and development rather than on the management of their assets.