Gulf Relief Foundation


In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devasted a region, impacting its people, its ecomony and its environment.  After five years of rebuilding and eventual growth, the BP Oil Spill in 2010 again took aim at the lives, livelihoods and natural resources of the same place.  In 2012, Hurricane Isaac reminded us, once again of the delicate nature and balance of people, the culture, the economy and the ecosystem of the gulf coast.

In 2012, the Gulf Relief Foundation Fund was established to support the efforts to stabilize and protect the delicate balance and deep value of the resources and lifestyles of the impacted region.

The Gulf Relief Foundation Fund at the Northshore Community Foundation invites proposals for grants from organizations that are addressing the immediate and/or long-term needs of the impacted regions.

To upload the Request For Proposal Guidelines please click: RFP Guidelines.

This Fund is administered by the Northshore Community Foundation.  This page and those that follow reference the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, our credit card processor.  Your credit card statement will reflect a charge from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.