Marsala Cultural Fund  

The Marsala Cultural Fund was established in 2015 with a grant from the estate of Joseph Peter Marsala to expand, promote, and honor Italian Heritage and Culture. 

MISSION: This Fund supports efforts to protect and preserve vulnerable elements of our culture related to our heritage, our traditions, and critical species.

The fund uses art, video, social media, and public broadcasting TV to educate on the threat of extinction in the wild to numerous species, especially Elephants, Rhinos, and Big Cats.

The focus of the fund is derived from reports issued by Stanford on the Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction, by Tulane on Dead Zones in  Coastal Waters, and 2015 Encyclical by Pope Francis to Care for our Common Home.

In 2015 the second largest dead zone in the world was in over 5,000 square miles located near Grand Isle, Louisiana. Dozens of Dead Zones exist in US waters.



The fund has made videos to document the migration from Palermo into the New Orleans French Quarter by Sicilians and migration to outlying areas as told through the owners of long time family owned restaurants.

The fund conducts Interviews of celebrities on cultural and their family traditions.  Videos are displayed on public broadcasting,  Italian Cultural Organizations, and public broadcasting. 

The fund creates awareness of the Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana award which was given to Charles Vincent Marsala, Sr. of Monroe, LA for his efforts in promoting the Italian Culture during the 1940s through 1970s. This award is often given out on the anniversary of Italian Republic Day, which is June 2, 1946.  In 2015, the fund sponsored the first Italian Republic Day Celebration in the New Orleans Area, held at the Italian Bocce Club in Metairie, LA.

The fund's next project is to create awareness of the Knight's of Columbus, which was founded in the 1880s to provide for widows and orphans and grew to over a $20 Billion life insurance company, taking on many other philanthropic causes such as patriotism and assimilation of immigrants and other cultures in the 1920s.

In the 1930s,  President Franklin Roosevelt honored the Knights of Columbus and their efforts by creating Columbus Day.

This fund is administered by the Northshore Community Foundation. Any donations reference our credit card processor and your credit card statement will reflect a charge from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

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