Northshore Cajun Army Fund

With a mission to develop and deploy resources to support relief and recovery.

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After the Cajun Navy saved people by sea during the great flood of Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, the Cajun Army started heading into the affected areas by land to bring aid!​

After a call went out on Facebook by a preachers wife for specific items, we felt compelled to reach out to our community to fill those needs.  Within two hours, we filled a massive trailer with more than they asked for, and the rest is history.  As fast as the needs were being met, the needs were being filled.  Outreach is the key, and we know from experience that when people come together, great things can happen.  The magnitude of this disaster will be a marathon and the needs are fluid, our goal is to adapt and adjust constantly and continue to bring the people affected by this natural disaster what they need to get whole again. 

Please consider a financial donation to help bring immediate relief to victims of the storms.

To contact the Northshore Cajun Army, please contact Karen Lindsey at (985) 630-6690 or Angelle Albright at (985) 710-9595 or email her at

If you would like to help with donations of needed items, please see our Facebook page at Facebook/

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