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Today’s donors are looking to their advisors for financial planning advice and tax strategies. As you consider solutions that will provide the most benefit for your clients, remember charitable giving through the NCF.

Our expert resources have helped professional’s help their clients achieve their goals and support the causes they care about, while improving our community through philanthropy.


The NCFs Professional Advisors council is composed of local attorneys, accountants as well as insurance and financial advisors who have helped their clients realize their charitable dreams and invest in the Northshore region in a way that's meaningful to them. Professional Advisory Council List

​Tips to Engage Clients

The NCF can help you and your client find the best options to meet their charitable goals. The following tips focus on key situations in which the charitable giving conversation can be beneficial to your client.

A client without children or descendants or does not want to provide in their estates for children or descendants, can create a lasting legacy through the NCF that will benefit the community in perpetuity.

Sale of a business or other major assets will create a large tax event for your client. The NCF can help your client avoid some of that liability by accepting a gift of a partial interest in their business, making them eligible for a tax deduction and when the NCF sells the interest in the business, there is no income tax or capital gain tax on the proceeds. Your client then establishes a fund with the proceeds from the sale.

Closely held family business interest client who would like to leverage the value in their business to make charitable contributions. The NCF can accept the interest and set up a liquidation schedule for that interest, giving the donor the assets which can be used to meet their charitable goals.

Loss of a loved one can inspire a client to set up a fund in memory of or in honor of their loved one. We work with your client to determine what type of fund would most closely fit as a lasting memorial.

Client wants to start a charity or private foundation. The NCF can help your client establish a donor advised fund or field of interest fund that will support the cause or charities your client would like to support without the hassles of running their own organization.


The Foundation can accept gifts of almost any kind.  Cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, business assets or personal property, we can convert your or your client’s resources into the fuel to power philanthropy.