The Fund For Bogalusa


History of Fund:
Created in 1999, the Fund for Bogalusa was established to enhance the quality of life for all Bogalusa residents, now and for future generations to come.

Mission Statement:
To fulfill our mission, we will:
- Provide scholarships to Bogalusa High School graduates
- Offer assistance to local human service programs and projects
- Support economic development initiatives

What the Fund has done to impact the Bogalusa Community:
- Human service grants have been awarded to Bogalusa area nonprofit organizations
- College scholarships have been awarded to Bogalusa High School graduates attending Louisiana colleges
- Effectively serves the Bogalusa community in their philanthropic endeavors with two funds under the Fund for Bogalusa

If you wish to make a donation to the Fund for Bogalusa, you have two options. The first is an Endowment Fund, where your gift is permanent and will remain in the fund, with only the income generated by the fund available for grants.

The second is a Spenddown Fund, where all dollars donated are eligible for immediate granting to nonprofits and scholarships.

This fund is administered by the Northshore Community Foundation.  This page and those that follow reference the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, our credit card processor.  Your credit card statement will reflect a charge from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

Make a Donation to the Fund for Bogalusa Endowment Fund