Available Grants

The funds listed below have a competitive grant making process and consider applications consistent with their charitable interests.  The Northshore Community Foundation makes grants to nonprofits providing daily services across our region of St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington and St. Helena parishes.

Cleco Community Fund Grant

The Cleco Corporation Holdings, LLC has a long history of robust philanthropic involvement in the communities it serves.  With an interest in maximizing the impact of their giving, the Cleco Community Fund has been established to support nonprofit organizations doing critical work in the Northshore Region. The Cleco Community Fund is seeking to make grants in the areas of Education, Youth programming, Low Income, and Health and Wellness. Through our funding, we seek to advance organizations that value transparency, integrity, accountability and demonstrated impact. An organization must meet the following requirement to apply for a grant: The organization, or its fiscal agent, must be tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A fiscal agent must submit a letter of agreement.

Funding for this cycle is to support programs and projects serving St. Tammany Parish. The Cleco Community Fund does not make grants to individuals, private business ventures or partisan political organizations. Funding will not be awarded for ongoing, recurring budgetary items. Grant awards up to $25,000. Multiple grant cycles will be available in 2017. 

Second round grant cycle deadline is August 4, 2017.

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Northshore Weather Relief Fund

The Fund was established days after historic flooding in early March which engulfed Southeast Louisiana, and was highly functional when we were hit again in August, 2016. Donors—individuals, businesses and organizations from around the country—have contributed more than $515,000 to the NCF to help with flood relief in Louisiana. We have made four grant cycles as of October, 2016 with more planned.

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For more information on the Northshore Weather Relief Fund, visit HERE

Fund for Bogalusa

The fund meets the changing human service and economic development needs and opportunities of the Bogalusa area. The fund is interested in funding nonprofits that can demonstrate they have planned projects with respect to the community’s greatest opportunities. Five copies of the application are required for consideration.

Application Deadline: February 1st and July 1st
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Mandeville Recreation Fund       

The Mandeville Recreation Fund was established to ensure that citizens in the Mandeville area had access to multiple recreation outlets and opportunities.  The grant will support programs or facilities that provide recreational activities in the general Mandeville area.  Any nonprofit organization serving this area in such a capacity is encouraged to apply. 

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World of Wonder Fund Grants

This fund was established in January of 2014 by Jacqueline “Jinx” Vidrine, Ph.D. to provide educational enrichment opportunities for young people and teachers.

School Gardens Grant Application

The School Garden Grants for Teachers & PTA Program!  This grant was established to bring together master gardeners, teachers, parents and students to plant and harvest vegetables in our schoolyards.  These grants provide funding in St. Tammany Parish Public Schools to support garden projects which connect students to their food, therefore to their health and to their community.  The Legacy Garden Fund awards $150 for New Garden and $50 to Existing gardens.

Fall Grant Deadline is September 5th/

Spring Grant Deadline is February 17th

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Environmental Grants

The Environmental grants was established to support science and environmental club teacher projects which encourage students to create ways to impact their environment on the local, state and global level. These grants provide funding to St. Tammany Parish Public Schools to support creative classroom/club projects.  The WOW Fund awards $250 to $500 Creative Classroom Grants. (The committee may consider additional funding for larger ongoing, especially collaborative projects.)

Fall Grant Deadline is September 5th/

Spring Grant Deadline is February 17th


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